Conference Themes

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Conference Themes

Topics of the “International Artificial Intelligence and Data Science Symposium” are given below but other related themes are also welcome.

• Artificial/Deep Learning

•Artificial Intelligence

• Cloud Computing

• Data Mining/Big Data

• High Performance Computing

• Internet of Things

• Virtual and Augmented Reality

• Data Modeling and Management

• Big Data and Applications

• Secure Systems

• Signal/Image/Video Processing

• Human–Machine Interaction

• Bioinformatics

• Robotics

• Social Networks

• Algorithms and Data Structures

• Data Science

• Artificial Life

• Applications of AI in Real Life

• Internet of Things and Its Applications

• Cyber Security and Cryptography

• AI in Energy Systems

• Neuro-Fuzzy Technology

• Uncertainity and Information Management

• Artificial Intelligence Programming

• Distributed Artificial Intelligence

• Machine Learning

• Intelligent Robot System

• Computer Vision

• Distributed and Parallel Processing

• Artificial Intelligence in Medical Science

• Artificial Intelligence in Finance and Trade

• Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing Industry

• Artificial Intelligence in Customer Service

• Artificial Intelligence in Logistics and Transportation

• Artificial Intelligence in Music and Movie Industries